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New tools chosen for accessing information and communicating across campus

February 3, 2020 | Communication Tools, Dash

A New Intranet and Digital Communications Hub

Campus.app was recently selected as the new application for integrating Redeemer’s intranet (portal) and digital communications hub. Campus will replace Dash, Redeemer’s current internal website, with a vastly improved, modern experience that will allow students, faculty and staff to easily access information and complete tasks all in one place. The app will be available on mobile and desktop, and will connect communications, events, information, applications, files and systems, with a single sign on. Users will be able to customize their menus, tools and notifications. A social component will allow users to create a personalized profile, connect with other users, find events, peers, resources and groups, and message other users. The launch of Campus is planned for August 2020, with a live testing beginning in July. For a sneak peek of the app features, visit the Campus website.

A New Alerting System

Redeemer has also chosen Regroup as its new alerting solution. Regroup is a powerful tool for alerting in emergencies. It also allows communication of other types of messages, such as inclement weather cancellations and closures, to a variety of recipients through text message, email or notifications. Redeemer plans to have the alerting system in place this spring, and it will also integrate closely with Campus.app. To learn more, visit the Regroup website.